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Utsikt över Vättern

Private guided tour

Your experience of Tiveden will be enriched by our stories and, your curiosity awakened, you will want to know more.

Sometimes we hike close to the beach along Lake Vättern’s hilly shore. You will meet open horizons and barren windswept coastal forests. You can sample life by and on Lake Vättern as it is today and was in bygone times. 

Just for you and your friends

Hire your own guide for a couple of hours or a day and explore Tiveden and Vättern. Your guide know the area as her own pocket and can give you special experiences in the nature.

Mystic forest storytelling evening in Tiveden

Stories by the campfire

In the evening peace descends, the forest seems to stop. Darkness closes gently in. Then we gather round the campfire to hear stories and tales of Tiveden as people have done through the ages. The fire warms and creates a natural fellowship. We arrive at our fire spot after a short hike. Once there you can join in and have a go at lighting the fire. The same fire that we will later hang the coffee pot over, and in which we will bake something to have with tea or coffee. Something that tastes extra good in our smooth wooden cups. 

Dawn hike in Tiveden

The best start to a day in the country!

It is chilly right before dawn but in warm sweaters we will meet, still a little drowsy, to experience the Tiveden forest waking up. At this time of day, we have the forest to ourselves and together with us you get to hear stories of Tiveden and its flora and fauna. Eventually we reach the top of Stenkälle where we prepare the breakfast we brought of locally grown and produced ingredients. Hot coffee from Tiveden pours into the wooden cups from the thermos. The sun continues to warms us and when we part you still have a lovely long day to experience Tiveden on your own. 

Nature Experience

Archipelago guiding or Tiveden off the beaten track 

On our longer tours we will show you great places and tell you about what we are seeing both in nature and culture. During the tour we will stop occasionally to practise forest bathing – i.e. several different mind exercises to release stress and be able to better enjoy the nuances of nature. Eventually we will stop to cook lunch together over an open fire.

You can choose one of the following themes:

1.     Archipelago hiking with guiding through nature and culture. We also offer brewed coffee with a view.

2.     Hiking in Tiveden to a place of your own where we offer both local stories and locally roasted coffee in addition to lunch.

Always included: Experienced and knowledgeable guide.

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