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Njuta- vandra i Tiveden

Outdoor life courses

We create the opportunity for you to explore and learn new things through the experiences. Learning becomes a delight and inspirational with us. As a course participant you feel safe and protected.

All About the courses

Outdoor life – Be a master of fire

We learn how to make a fire and brew up good coffee.

We have chosen a great place for our coffee break. You can try starting a fire and learn about different types of fire and kindling. Then we bring out the coffee pot and necessaries for making really good coffee. The coffee is roasted at Tiveden’s coffee roastery. We also take the opportunity to bake something for a snack in the reflector oven. When the coffee is ready we drink it out of smooth wooden cups. We have everything required for a lovely coffee break. Of course we bring tea with us those who prefer it. Dress in comfortable clothes but remember there may remain a slight smell of smoke in them.  



Cook food over an open fire

We practise using different methods to cook outdoors 

Together we will cook an “Open-air buffet”. We try different ways to prepare food over an open fire. This way we get a number of different dishes to taste. We also discuss how you can prepare the food at home in different ways to make it easier out in the field. To finish with we bake something fancy to have with coffee, which we naturally brew over the fire.

We bring: Ingredients and recipes. The equipment required for cooking the food. Kindling for the fire. 

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