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Njuta- vandra i Tiveden


Tiveden is the border forest between the wilderness and urbanisation. The adventure starts here! We take you on hikes and to places where we can gather around the campfire. Your experience of Tiveden will be enriched by our stories and, your curiosity awakened, you will want to know more.

Sometimes we hike close to the beach along Lake Vättern’s hilly shore. You will meet open horizons and barren windswept coastal forests. You can sample life by and on Lake Vättern as it is today and was in bygone times.  

The tours go to Tiveden and Vättern’s shores

The Kayak tours

We offer our kayak tours during the period May – September. The clear water of Lake Vättern creates a fantastic light, and sometimes takes your breath away when you look far below down towards the lake bottom. The weather sometimes affects where in Vättern’s archipelago we can paddle, but we always find a place for a great experiential tour. You do not have to have any experience to join this tour.


Groups of up to 6 people. 

Kayak, paddle and life west include

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